Blockchain Research Reading Group

Reading List, Fall 2017

Organizer: Bhaskar Krishnamachari,
Professor, USC Viterbi School of Engineering


Topic 1: Introduction to Blockchain

Topic 2: introduction to Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and DApps

Topic 3: Permissioned Distributed Ledger and Distributed Consensus Protocols

Topic 4: More on Consensus: Data Consistency Perspectives on Blockchain

Topic 5: Proof of Work and Alternatives for Public Blockchains

Topic 6:  Scaling and Performance

Topic 7: From Chains to More General Graphs

Topic 8:  Critiques of Blockchain, or, when do you (not) need to use a Blockchain

Topic 9: Decentralized Storage using Blockchain

Topic 10: Network Services and Public Key Infrastructure using Blockchain

Additional Resources:
Book: Narayanan et al., Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

If interested in joining our research reading group on blockchain, please contact Bhaskar Krishnamachari via email